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Transcultural Exchange of ideas and optimization of medical


The Idea

Exchange of ideas and inspiration

The Creator

Implement common goals

The story behind it

This is how RAZI was born

The Idea

Let's talk

RAZI is open. Interested in exchanging views and knowledge. That is why we look forward to hearing from you. All board members and how to contact them can be found here.


How it all started

During the 1st International Congress 2007 at the University of Isfahan, many discussions of the scientific advisory board of the project “Psychosomatic Structure in Iran” took place. The idea of ​​founding a society to promote scientific and cultural exchange was born. The name Razi was chosen because the Persian doctor Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya ar-Razi was already working on a bio-psycho-socio-cultural approach in his diagnostic and therapeutic interventions around 1200 years ago. This approach was later followed up by Avicenna.

In the course of the project, this idea developed further until an international company was founded. On April 7th, 2009 the "Society Razi for Medicine and Psychotherapy" was entered in the register of associations at the Siegen District Court under number 2943. The following goals are formulated in the company's articles of association:

The coordination, exchange and cooperation of scientific and therapeutic initiatives in the field of medicine and psychotherapy according to the bio-psycho-socio-cultural approach.
The introduction and implementation of regular congresses
Planning, promotion and coordination of training and further education programs in medicine and psychotherapy.
Providing information on scientific work and research reports, conferences and lectures.
Journalistic activity on medicine and psychotherapy.


The people behind RAZI

Prof.Dr.med. Said Moshref Dehkordy

President of the Razi International Society
Specialist in psychiatry, psychotherapy and neurology

Dipl. Psych. Gholam- Reza Yeganeh

Deputy Chairman of the Razi Society
Psychological psychotherapist in Neu-Isenburg

Prof. Dr. Hanna Christiansen

Head of Children's and. Adolescent psychotherapy outpatient clinic, University of Marburg

Dr. Maryam Zokai

Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy
Hadamar transcultural psychiatric outpatient clinic of the Vitos Clinic Hadamar

Prof. Dr. Jan Ilhan Kizilhan

Professor at the Cooperative State University in Villingen-Schwenningen and heads the social work with mentally ill and addicts course, technical management of transcultural psychosomatics at the MediClin Klinik am Vogelsang in Donaueschingen

Prof. Dr. Winfried Rief

Head of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Marburg, Scientific Coordinator of the IGRMP

Prof. Joachim Schroeder

School pedagogy, social pedagogy, disabled pedagogy and psychology in education and teaching

Dr. Ahmad Khatib

Head psychologist at the Salus Klinik, Freidrichsdorf

Become a part of RAZI

Anyone can become a member of RAZI and support international cooperation and understanding.

Download the two forms and email them to us.

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